Ivan, Chau Fung Li is a women’s high-end fashion designer born in China and raised in Hong Kong. In addition to his natural love for beauty and design; studying and working in a metropolitan where east meets west, Ivan cultivated a strong understanding of Chinese and western garment culture which is fully demonstrated in his designs.


With over 15 years of experience in renowned local and international companies from Chine Belgian Design to Ports 1961, Ivan utilizes his knowledge and eye for high quality materials in wearable and inventive designs. Each and every piece of the collection highlights his endless pursuit for precious detailing.


In 2017, ChaufungLI was launched in Hong Kong and has been recognized as a modern, timeless label that redefines the idea of grace and luxury. Harmonic and modern with a touch of nature; his collections offer unique, easy to wear pieces for women who like to dress as individuals expressing her own style and personality.

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