With comprehensive fashion design experience, innovative ideas and extensive connections with the Mainland and Hong Kong garment industry, ChaufungLI is certainly your perfect partner for business expansion and product revolutions.


Should our products impress you, please feel free to contact us for further discussion. Cooperation may be taken in the following ways.


  1. Product purchasing – to provide one-stop-shop service to clients, from product design to production to delivery. We have sophisticated production, shipping and merchandising teams as our strong backup. Just place your order and the products will be ready by the assigned date.

  2. Design – to provide clients with tailor-made designs according to requirements. Just let us know the kinds of products that you are looking for, your target customers, etc – we are always at your service.

  3. Consultancy – to advise on marketing strategies for businesses which are new to the China market. Information includes customers spending behaviours, potential competitors, shopping mall grading, etc.


At ChaufungLI we believe flexibility and creativity are cornerstones for success. We look forward to hearing from you and sharing with you more about our products and experience.

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